Vitality Regeneration Vitality Pack

Treat yourself to a particularly relaxing break & let yourself be pampered in the DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing practice. Our signature protocols package helps the body use its maximum energy to cleanse and rejuvenate.


Vitality Regeneration Vitality Pack

Treat yourself to a particularly relaxing break & let yourself be pampered in the DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing practice. Our signature protocols package helps the body use its maximum energy to cleanse and rejuvenate.

About the package

Our signature protocols optimize the body’s energy usage, promoting detoxification and rejuvenation. By revitalizing the body, our package helps organs function efficiently, protecting them from the effects of aging, poor diet, and high stress. Experience the benefits of enhanced vitality and organ health with our holistic approach.

  • Brain Health Protocol
  • Protocol Healthy Liver
  • Protocol Strengthen the immune system
  • Anti-Fatigue Protocol

This pack is designed to support the liver, boost the immune system, improve brain health and overcome fatigue. It is the best remedy for anyone who has a stressful lifestyle and job, unhealthy eating habits, emotional ups and downs and wants to manage their stress.

The package fully supports the brain and all other cells by protecting them and regulating intracellular communication.

The Brain Health Protocol is a perfect blend of minerals, vitamins and proteins that offer a high level of protection to brain cells while also promoting detoxification and regeneration of this important system. This protocol rejuvenates the general functions of the brain by supporting the structure of cells and tissues. This brings clarity and sharpness to your thoughts, eliminates forgetfulness and helps to increase your ability to concentrate.

The liver, our body’s primary detoxification organ, plays a crucial role in producing enzymes and purifying toxins. However, factors like stress, poor diet, and environmental toxins can damage it. Our protocol alleviates liver stress, promotes rejuvenation and cell regeneration, and enhances detoxification, fat elimination, and normal functioning. Reap the benefits of a healthier liver, known as the “source of life,” with our specialized approach.

If you get enough sleep and rest but still feel tired, unmotivated, and sluggish, this protocol is for you. If you wake up tired every morning and feel irritable, depressed, and unmotivated throughout the day, and at night you feel sleepless, restless, and overall tired, then this protocol will help you break that vicious cycle.

In order for us to stay alive and healthy, it is important that the immune system functions properly. Every day our body fights against germs, microorganisms, viruses, toxins and various foreign substances. Even if we don’t feel it, our immune system is constantly working.

Bad eating habits, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. weaken the functions of the immune system. When this system slows down, disease occurs. The protocol helps the immune system work properly, strengthening it, preventing disease and providing the body with long-lasting resistance.

  • Protects brain and body cells from free radicals
  • Supports DNA and protein synthesis
  • Deactivates and removes toxins and carcinogens
  • Strengthens and improves immune system function
  • Enhances memory and concentration
  • Plays a role in detoxification
  • Supports iron absorption
  • Improves skin condition
  • Stimulates antioxidant reproduction
  • Protects liver and aids toxin removal
  • Maintains youthful cardiovascular system
  • Supports heart and blood circulation
  • Reduces alcohol and smoking effects
  • Aids production of essential cells and hormones
  • Maintains organ function and slows aging
  • Supports natural growth and development
  • Sustains energy levels
  • Eliminates damaging peroxides and toxins
  • Maintains normal liver function
  • Neutralizes toxins and heavy metals
  • Promotes strength and vitality throughout life
  • Learn to nourish body, mind, and energy
  • Find inner peace and contentment
  • Develop healthy habits for lasting well-being.

The application and frequency of sessions will be determined according to the medical history recorded in the protocol form and according to the needs of the person.

Under the supervision of your doctor, the sessions should be continued at regular intervals according to the protocol.

Unless the doctor advises otherwise, anyone can have the protocol administered

  • People with poor concentration
  • People who want to strengthen and support brain function
  • People who are forgetful or have trouble with confusion
  • People who have trouble remembering names, phone numbers, addresses, etc
  • Those who want to get rid of toxins and the side effects of medications they have taken for certain diseases throughout their lives
  • Those who want to detox and care for their body overall
  • People who want to strengthen their immune system
  • People who want to reduce the risk of diseases
  • People who get sick frequently
  • People who have had cancer, have been treated for cancer, or have a family history of cancer
  • People with weak immune systems due to complicated diseases
  • Individuals who want to protect their organs from the effects of aging that come with getting older
  • Those who want to delay the aging process

The package includes seven, nine, twelve, 14 or 21 sessions, depending on the needs and health of the person.

This package also includes 2 weeks of FREE access to Susan Uffenbrink’s follow-up program Wellness For Life via Zoom , a great maintenance program to help you stay on track after the 21 days are up.

We are committed to providing you with exceptional attention and wellness & wellbeing care to guide you on a lifelong journey of health and wellbeing.

Based on best practices and years of experience, our signature protocols have helped change many lives and made DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing one of the most successful wellness & wellbeing practices in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany and internationally.

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