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Explore the information below to gain a deeper understanding of how our programs can help you achieve your wellness and well-being goals. If you don’t find here the information you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team for further assistance.

At DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing Practice, we believe that an individual health plan for each person is the most effective approach to achieve wellbeing and vitality.

When it comes to wellness and well-being in old age, preventing future health problems is just as important as treating an existing health problem or eliminating the underlying cause. The best way to treat a disease is to prevent it in the first place.

We offer methods to naturally slow down the body’s aging process and to support the body’s innate self-healing powers to heal the underlying causes of chronic health problems.

If you can prevent future illnesses, you don’t need treatment.

Our wellness and wellbeing practitioner creates a customized health and wellness program to prevent health problems. By optimizing your health, improving your diet and making positive lifestyle changes, you can minimize the risk of serious health problems.

Get ready to look and feel your best

In order to speak rationally about health, one must examine the basic scientific truths about health and its absence (disease).

1. All living things, including humans, are made up of individual living cells working harmoniously in a self-healing and self-regulating ecosystem to maintain homeostasis, health and life.

2. Our cells are born with the necessary intelligence, ie genetically, to function properly. Our cells are programmed for homeostasis and health, and without a physical, emotional, chemical, thermal, or spiritual stressor, dysfunction never occurs. “DNA evidence shows that humans have changed little genetically (to be precise, the human genome has changed less than 0.02% in 40,000 years). . . Nature determined what our bodies needed thousands of years before civilization developed… Built into our genes is a blueprint for optimal nutrition – a blueprint that determines the foods that will keep us healthy, lean and fit.” Cordain , Loren Ph.D. The Paleo Diet. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York 2002.

3. This genetic blueprint is our innate intelligence. To be healthy we must eat and live in accordance with this innate intelligence. We need to give it the right amount of the ingredients it needs and avoid anything that is toxic or disturbing. Health, by definition, is a state of stable homeostatic cell function.

4. Disease is by definition a lack of consistent homeostatic cellular function or a state of forced adaptive cellular function (“the stress response”, see The Stress of Life by Hans Selye). Because cells are born with all of the innate genetic intelligence needed for homeostasis and health, cells always function perfectly in relation to their environment. Symptoms do not represent errors in the intelligence of the cells. Symptoms are important signals from the cells that tell you that something is wrong, that there is a deficiency or toxicity, and that they are under stress. Disease represents the body’s best ability to adapt to a chronically unhealthy environment, to chronic deficiency or toxicity, and/or to chronic stressors. The cells never function in a pathological or defective way, rather the environment in which they are located is pathological or unhealthy. It is unscientific to think of the cell as the problem; it is programmed for health and homeostasis and will continue to move itself in that direction even as it adapts to the environment in which it finds itself.

5. The function of our cells determines our state of health and disease. The cause of all non-homeostatic cell functions are stressors. All health stressors fall into one of two categories:
A. Deficiency of the raw materials/ingredients required for homeostatic cell function.
B. Toxicities that drive cell function away from homeostasis.

In order to function in balance and produce health, cells must meet all requirements and be free from toxicity. In other words, it is impossible to be 100% healthy by providing cells with only part of their needs or eliminating only some toxins. The entire ecosystem of cells must be healthy in order for all body systems to be healthy. Attempting to treat a single symptom or to eliminate a single deficiency or toxicity will not be enough to create an entire healthy ecosystem of cells. Plants cannot be healthy even if they have all the water and nutrients they need if they lack sunlight. Even if they have all the necessary sun rays, water and nutrients, but being poisoned by an unknown poison, they cannot be healthy. The same applies to humans. All deficiencies must be identified and remedied, all toxins must be identified and removed, all needed nutrients must be supplied in sufficient quantity and for long enough to keep the system adequate and pure. This is the expression of health and well-being.

6. Wellness is a paradigm. It is a lens through which one sees the world, a philosophical view that guides and defines both scientific and clinical intent. Central to wellness are the concepts of homeostasis and holism. Simply put, body-mind-spirit are inherently intelligent, self-healing and self-regulating and therefore always respond to a given environment in the most appropriate way at any given time. The intelligence of body-mind-spirit is perfect. It is only when it is interfered with or not provided with the necessary resources that disease develops.

7. Symptoms and “diseases” are merely signs that the body-mind-mind intelligence is under stress and is being forced to adapt. Symptoms and diseases are not signs that the body-mind-spirit is inherently flawed; they are signs that we are failing to create the right environment to support it.

8. The goal of wellness interventions is to support the perfect intelligence of body-mind-mind or to end chronic disorders and stresses so that the normal state of homeostasis and health can be restored or maintained. Wellness scientists and practitioners consider an improvement in homeostasis and the health of the human ecosystem to be a successful outcome.
Symptoms are seen as signals that the body-mind-spirit is under stress and is crying out for appropriate environmental changes. Eliminating the body’s ability to send these signals without addressing the underlying cause is illogical in the wellness paradigm. Symptoms and diseases do not occur in a state of homeostasis and when homeostasis is restored they naturally disappear.
However, it is important to realize that symptoms and signs of disease may not appear even if cell function is not homeostatic. For this reason, the goal of DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing Practice programs is always to restore homeostasis and not to alleviate symptoms or treat disease.

We can help you build a healthier diet while incorporating the latest advances in nutritional science and personalized molecular nutrition programs. We can design a customized nutritional program that takes into account your unique biochemistry, food sensitivities and intolerances and will help you build and maintain your well-being.

We consider pollution, metal toxicity, microorganism imbalances, and other factors that can contribute to your body’s overall load of toxins and contribute to chronic disease.
We will show you how to systematically support your body’s natural detoxification processes in order to eliminate waste products and toxins that can damage cells, tissues and organs.

We help you change your lifestyle and reap the many benefits of regular physical activity, such as: B. Better heart and lung capacity, increased energy, muscle tone, improved posture, stress reduction, weight control and improvement in mood and emotional state.

It is not too late yet. No matter where you are, you can improve your life expectancy and live healthier longer.

Whether you want to learn more about your cellular makeup, want a nudge to lose weight, slow the aging process, find out the cause of a health issue you’re struggling with, prevent age-related health problems, or just want to improve your sleep, we have you covered are there for you. Our basis is the holistic improvement of body, mind and soul!

Our well-aging programs optimize the quality of life by delaying the onset of age-related diseases. Our well-aging programs have also proven their worth for many people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

As a wellness and longevity practice, we offer personalized excellence in wellness and wellbeing, not the standard of healthcare. We focus on the latest scientific developments in health and biomarkers of aging, genetics, epigenetics, immunopsychology, nutrition, metabolic health, mitochondrial health, sleep quality and aging research. We’re here to help you understand your current state of health and wellness, sleep better, improve your resistance to stress, and adopt proper healthy and molecular nutrition. You will also receive an exercise and activity program tailored to your individual needs to improve your metabolism and general well-being.

Everyone experiences the aging process differently due to their individual diet, exercise, genetics, disease and environmental factors. However, there are similar changes in all of them. Connective tissues become stiffer, bones and muscles weaken, the heart pumps less efficiently, the senses flag, connections in the brain slow down, hormones change and our skin inevitably becomes wrinkled. But none of these changes need to overwhelm you.

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to look or feel older.

It is possible to prolong health. It is no longer a dream of the future, even if further discoveries are certainly pending. If you want to increase your life expectancy and maximize the time you can live your life to the fullest, a wide range of well-aging programs and protocols are available to you. What you need to do is be proactive and use regenerative wellness to allow your body to heal itself.

Striving for a healthier body, better and younger looks, superior physical strength, endurance and athletic performance, giving birth to offspring with optimal health, a creative mind and a happier personality are some of the most coveted attributes of wellness. These promising areas are currently being addressed using holistic preventive – regenerative wellness biotechnology to improve the health and well-being of our clients.

Our wellness practitioners specialize in longevity and healthy aging and regenerative wellness, an innovative field that encompasses early detection and treatment, prevention and reversal of age-related diseases. Our holistic approach considers the health of all of your body’s systems and how changes in one system affect all others.

The DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing Practice approach does not aim to treat any specific disease or condition, but rather to optimize the optimal functioning of the individual’s mind, body and spirit.

Qualified wellness practitioners are essential, but there is nothing more important than choosing a wellness practice where you feel valued and where everyone – including the practitioners – takes the time to listen to you, your unique needs, your concerns, and yours to understand concerns. This is exactly what you will experience at DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing.

Participating in a program at DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing Practice means experiencing ultimate wellbeing in a healing environment. Here you will have an experience that suits your needs. You will understand yourself better and learn how to live healthier and become a better version of yourself!

All of our programs can be booked as day visits (daily visits), 1-3 sessions spread over the week, or as 3-21 day intensive retreats, or over a period of 1 month to a year.

How it works

Choose the program that best suits your health and wellness needs.

First and foremost is a professional assessment where it is important that, alongside your doctor’s medical problem diagnoses, you also clearly articulate your Wellness & Wellbeing goals – we then combine your health history to find out what and how we can help you achieve yours to achieve goals.

As we only host and care for one client at a time, you can rest assured that you will enjoy complete privacy, full attention and tranquility during your retreat or program.

In order to guarantee unrestricted optimal care, we do not work with insurance companies.

If you are looking for ways to improve your health, find the root cause of your health problem, reduce pain and discomfort and slow the aging process, make an appointment at DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing Practice.

What we can do for you

We help you achieve world-class optimal health at all stages of life through tailored programs that leverage integrative wellness.

Partner with wellness experts who get results.


We hope that we can convince you with our concept and would be happy to welcome you in our practice.

Quite simply: so that you bring out the best in yourself that you can be.

We all need help to stay on the right path, sometimes we don’t even know which path we should be on! You would never reach your destination if you kept driving in the wrong direction.

When trying to take control of your health, there are many avenues you can take. Modern medicine aims to treat symptoms. If you have an infection, she will prescribe you antibiotics. If you are in pain, she will give you a pill to numb the pain. At DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing we take a completely different approach. We believe in getting to the root of underlying health problems and treating your body as an integrated system. Our goal is to treat you as a whole person and to help you achieve health for your body, mind and spirit.

At DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing Practice, we understand the concept of lifespan and healthspan.

DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing Practice is one of the best wellness practices in Rhineland-Palatinate and throughout Germany. The care and consideration we show our customers is truly unmatched in the industry. When you come to our practice with health, wellness and well being issues and goals in mind, you can rest assured that you are getting the fabulous results you desire at an affordable price. We believe in fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all clients who choose to entrust their health, wellness and well-being concerns and goals to our leading wellness experts. From the moment you enter our practice in Bad Kreuznach, you will be greeted by friendly staff who will ensure that

Flexibility and fluidity are at the heart of what we offer. Every person that comes through our doors has different needs. At DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing, we give you the space, time and support to define and refine your wellness goals while together we create a personal program to meet your unique wellness goals and needs.

From the moment you step into our program, we will guide you on the journey to regaining your health, healthy relationships with yourself and others, and your well-being so you can take back control of your life.

How can you prevent something from happening in the first place?

This is the first part for us in the DeNoir practice. Second, we need to find the root cause of health problems and detect health problems in people early, while they can still be cured. Next, we need to be able to heal health problems that don’t yet have a medical cure. For example autoimmune diseases – it is not enough to suppress the immune system, we also need to understand the cause that causes the immune system to attack the body. Why do people suffer from certain diseases – what is the cause? We eliminate the root cause of the “disorder” and bring the body back into homeostasis. We use the healing power of harmonization.

Everyone ages in slightly different ways. Our longevity retreats and programs are tailored to each individual’s unique needs and address any special concerns.

We develop a personal strategy tailored to each client and their individual needs. This strategy includes:

  • Establishing a partnership between the wellness practitioner and the client to facilitate the healing process
  • Understanding of all factors that influence well-being including body, mind, spirit and community
  • The application of both traditional and integrative wellness to complete the wellness journey
  • Critical consideration of traditional and integrative methods
  • Promote general health to prevent the emergence of new health conditions
  • Both client and health wellness practitioner commit to a practice of self-inquiry and self-development

We are a health optimization and longevity practice. We believe that health is not the absence of disease. Health is the fullness of vitality. All of our services focus on optimizing health, maintaining wellness, reducing known risk factors, preventing health problems, slowing the aging process, and preventing and reversing age-related health problems. We empower people to achieve optimal vitality and longevity through our personalized, data-driven approach to health optimization.

We take health to the next level.

With all the advances in science, medicine and technology, we humans are capable of so much more – of living better lives with a higher level of vitality than anything we have ever experienced. Our goal is to make these advances accessible to as many people as possible.

At the end of your retreat and program phase, your wellness practitioner will determine whether or not you are ready for the maintenance phase. When your overall systems have stabilized, we will create a plan aimed at keeping your hormones and nutrition at optimal levels.

The maintenance phase is vital to your overall health. At this point you should be feeling great and there is a strong temptation to stop treatment, but that is exactly the wrong thing to do. To maintain your newfound vitality, it is important that your doctor monitor your hormone levels regularly while you continue to proactively pursue your wellness program.


This phase of your wellness program is all about maintaining an optimal level of health for years to come. Our goal is not just to get you healthy again, but to do everything we can to keep you healthy. The maintenance phase, like your program, is a highly personal phase of wellness and well-being care created just for you. It is also the most difficult phase of wellness maintenance.

Most of our clients are doing so well at this stage that they see no need for further wellness treatments or to continue with their program. But this is perhaps where our relationship with you becomes most important, because if we can continue to monitor your health, well-being and welfare and prevent serious health problems, then this phase of care becomes invaluable.

A key difference between the concept of lifespan and healthspan is that one chooses to remain healthy as long as possible, rather than staying alive as long as possible. Human life expectancy is increasing dramatically. Two hundred years ago, most people didn’t get older than 30 years, today the average age is almost 80 years. Our life expectancy is increasing, but our health is struggling to keep up. As we live longer and longer, our cells continue to age, our genes exhibit increased transcriptional mutations, and our body physiology and mechanics begin to wear out. The common symptoms we experience as we age would not have been a problem for someone who died in their 30s. in the 19th

DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing well-Aging programs do not focus on lifespan extension, but on healthspan. We believe in enhancing your quality of life while you are still there to enjoy it. We achieve this by creating an individual plan and program for your well-being and needs, which will help you to:

  • Naturally balance your hormone levels, which otherwise lead to the signs and symptoms of menopause in both men and women.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight that otherwise leads to chronic health problems
  • Replacement of vitamins and minerals needed for efficient cell function and reproduction
  • Maintaining mobility through massage and profile fitness classes.
  • Factors that can affect your well-being
  • Decreased production of normal hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, dhea, cortisol and oxytocin,
  • Decreased production and homeostasis of vitamins and minerals
  • Decreased metabolism
  • weight gain
  • loss of mobility
  • loss of muscles
  • Slowing of mental acuity
  • Deterioration of youthful appearance
  • Individualized wellness and wellbeing plan for your needs

Looking at the whole body is critical to improving an individual’s health and vitality. At DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing, we don’t just treat your symptom or help you improve some aspect of your life. Many of the symptoms we see are a combination of diet, lack of exercise, low self-esteem, hormonal imbalance, and metabolic changes. Simply eating less to lose weight will not help you maintain the weight if you have a hormonal imbalance. If you have low testosterone levels, you cannot build muscle through exercise. If you’re prone to binge eating because of a low mood, a weight-loss program won’t help you think differently.

Your biological age is not the same as your chronological age. In unhealthy people, the biological age is often measured much higher than their actual age. Healthy people, on the other hand, are often thought to be much younger than they actually are. Well-Aging focus on slowing and reversing the biological aging process by eliminating and preventing age-related diseases at the molecular and cellular level.

Our advanced well-aging programs, at DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing Practice, are for anyone willing to invest some time, money and energy earlier in life to save later and reap the rewards. It is a lifelong, individualized program based on the person’s biological age and other health components.

Aging is a natural process accelerated by the body’s normal wear and tear. Over time, we become more susceptible to disease and injury, which can cause permanent changes in our health.

For many men and women, optimal health begins to wane as early as age 40.
dr Ward Dean once said, “Aging is the only disease that everyone gets.” Sure, we will all age and die someday, but how quickly and to what extent that happens depends on several well-known factors. Preventing aging is just like preventing any other disease. By influencing the factors that cause the aging process, aging can be delayed and even reversed. dr Shallenberger says, “If thirty years of medicine have taught me anything, it’s that prevention is the only medicine that really makes sense. No one wants to live forever, but most of us would like to spend our “golden years” free from the diseases and infirmities we so often experience.”

The Well-Aging program combines holistic preventive wellness methods with scientifically based protocols to combat and eliminate the causes of aging. In most cases, a protocol is most effective when started early in the aging process.

The programs address the underlying health problems in order to improve the quality of life in old age. This often results in higher energy levels, better cognitive performance, and better mental and physical health.

Quite simply: so that you can bring out the best in yourself that you can be.
We all need help to stay on the right path, sometimes we don’t even know which path we should be on! You would never reach your destination if you kept driving in the wrong direction.

Life is really short – let’s make the most of it!

Everyone ages in slightly different ways. Our well-aging programs are tailored to the individual needs of each individual and take into account all special concerns.

Well-aging programs reverse the aging process. They deal with the actual physiological and biochemical causes of diseases and age-related disorders.

When it comes to wellness and well-being in old age, preventing future health problems is just as important as eliminating an existing health problem or addressing the underlying cause.

The best way to treat a disease is to prevent it in the first place.

If you can prevent future illnesses, you don’t need treatment.

By optimizing your health, improving your diet and making positive lifestyle changes, you can minimize the risk of serious health problems.

Well-aging practitioners focus on maintaining well-being, reducing known risk factors, preventing health problems, and preventing and reversing age-related health problems. Your eyeball is at optimizing the body at the microscopic, cellular, and biochemical levels. She creates an individual health and wellness program to avoid health problems. Practitioners of Well-Aging place the emphasis not on perpetuating disease, but on improving health, optimizing performance, and enhancing the quality of life of people who want to proactively achieve optimal health by harnessing the body’s innate ability to heal yourself at the cellular level, to regenerate and rejuvenate. They find and eliminate the root cause of health problems.

Well-aging practitioners do not prescribe drugs to mask disease symptoms or to diagnose disease.

A personalized approach to healthcare is one of the most important cornerstones of wellbeing. Well-aging wellness and wellbeing practitioners understand and emphasize that every client is biochemically, physiologically, and psychologically different. A successful wellness and health plan must take into account the unique biochemistry of each individual.

Well-Aging Wellness and Wellbeing focuses on developing customized wellness and health plan programs based on specific testing, individual risk assessments and individual health histories. With personalized protocols, well-aging wellness and well-being practitioners can help their clients achieve and maintain optimal levels of performance: sexually, physically and mentally.

With the development of the system and the technique called BioCellularReprogramming®, Susan Uffenbrink has accompanied a natural development of the constantly growing number of people to heal themselves. She knows how to transcend herself, connect to the quantum field, open her hearts and demonstrate brain-heart coherence – she has proven time and time again with her abilities to use the healing power of harmonization that empowers other people can accompany and lead to healing.

The healings people have witnessed are nothing short of miraculous. By combining the latest scientific knowledge on how this process is possible, with the right guidance, BioCellularReprogramming® has induced profound biological changes in a multitude of people around the world. We have seen hundreds of healings from a variety of health conditions previously unresponsive to any type of treatment.

As a result, Susan has expanded her experience from healing in person to healing others at a distance. The results are equally excellent in all types of health conditions.

Your nervous system can be the best pharmacy, it just needs the right push. Our mind is the most important element of physical health.
We have the ability to achieve heart-brain coherence and manifest a new future of our own choosing. We are not doomed to spend the rest of our lives in a certain way, nor are our genes overpowering.

So join our retreat because that is what you will do. In the retreats and programs you will discover how to make the most of your genetic heritage, now and for the rest of your life.

The use and frequency of sessions will be determined according to the medical history recorded in the protocol form and according to the needs of the person.

Under the supervision of your doctor, the sessions should be continued at regular intervals according to the protocol.

Unless the doctor advises otherwise, anyone can have the protocol administered:

  • people with poor concentration
  • People who want to strengthen and support brain function
  • People who are forgetful or have trouble with confusion
  • People who have trouble remembering names, phone numbers, addresses, etc
  • Those who want to get rid of toxins and the side effects of medications they have taken for certain diseases throughout their lives
  • Those who want to detox and care for their body overall
  • People who want to strengthen their immune system
  • People who want to reduce the risk of diseases
  • People who get sick frequently
  • People who have had cancer, have been treated for cancer, or have a family history of cancer
  • People with weak immune systems due to complicated diseases
  • Individuals who want to protect their organs from the effects of aging that come with getting older
  • Those who want to delay the aging process

The Well Aging Program begins with an initial consultation where Susan will ask about your health history and that of your family.
Blood and saliva tests to measure hormone levels, such as B. the estrogen level in your body, are submitted by you for analysis. Progesterone and testosterone are other vital values ​​that are analyzed by the tests you provide. Along with the blood and saliva tests, a full health and lifestyle assessment is performed. There will be a counseling session with Susan during which Susan will assess your health and wellness with him, provide counsel, and recommend a program and plan for you.

The BioCellularReprogramming® program is designed to rejuvenate your body from the outside and inside. While it’s important to look young, it’s just as important to feel young. Below are some sample results you can expect from the program:

Younger looking skin – Less inflammation in the body – More energy – Increase in muscle mass – Weight loss – Better mental health – Improved cognitive abilities – Slowing down and reducing biological age

A well-aging program should be conducted for a minimum of 24 months, during which time you will be required to come to our facility three times for multiple days each – once every 90 days. The rest of the time, you must adhere to the treatment, diet, and exercise schedules established in your individual program.

A minimum stay of 14 days is recommended for each visit.

The effects of the program are expected to last 7-17 years depending on your lifestyle. In order to achieve lasting success, it is recommended that you implement and continue the program and plan that Susan has individually developed for you.

We must understand that “aging” is an inevitable condition, not a disease. Aging causes continual wear and tear on the body that worsens over time, eventually leading to life-threatening disorders and death. Prevention is better than cure. The groundbreaking BioCellularReprogramming® program helps prevent this ongoing wear and tear, repairing damaged cells and tissues and providing noticeable internal rejuvenation that can significantly delay the onset of ominous health problems and prevent worry. While most clients experience an immediate burst of energy, a lack thereof does not indicate poor program performance. This is proven by improved test results from such clients

We value our clients’ privacy and understand that they wish to keep their information confidential. If you wish to see the results of other clients, we will be happy to send you their results with the names blurred. However, we ask all clients not to compare their services, as the BioCellularReprogramming® system leads to an inner rejuvenation that is not symptomatically tangible, but which is documented by test results.

The speed at which your body can heal age-related symptoms decreases drastically with age. The benefits you can get from the program at age 50 are much greater than at age 70. So the earlier you start, the better.
During the consultation, Susan will discuss with you the expected results of the program, which depend on your age.

The program has no side effects. We do not use any treatment protocols that could interfere with the normal functioning of your body and only focus on proven and scientifically proven methods to treat the underlying cause of your body’s aging process. So you can be sure that your treatment will be completely free of side effects.

While it is recommended to wait the entire duration of the program to reap all the benefits, you may start feeling more energetic and youthful just a few days after the first session. However, your age and lifestyle will affect how quickly you may notice the benefits. This will be discussed with you during the consultation with Susan.

In general, it is okay to undergo the BioCellularReprogramming® program while taking medication. However, some medications can interfere with treatment. It is important to speak to your doctor before undergoing any program to prescribe the best course of action.

Because aging is not considered a disease, the BioCellularReprogramming® System is not covered by insurance.

No. We cannot cure a neurological health problem or change the bottom line for someone with a neurodegenerative health problem. We treat people, not their diseases.

Our optimal health programs are not designed to cure incurable health problems. Rather, they aim to improve the functioning of the parts of the nervous system that are still functioning in order to achieve the best possible quality of life for our customers.

Unfortunately, in neurodegenerative health problems such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease or multiple sclerosis, some nerve cells are lost and some nerve pathways in the nervous system are damaged beyond repair. We can’t do anything about that.

However, if you suffer from such a condition, we can often find ways to affect the still functioning parts of the neural pathways that are still healthy and specifically stimulate and train them to make them more efficient, increase their endurance and your Improve ability to function in the world.

Aging affects health problems and life expectancy. With today’s knowledge, it is possible to develop health programs that delay aging and improve both health and life expectancy.