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The DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing practice is an industry leader in preventative wellness, optimal health, wellbeing, health technologies and services.

Our Philosophy

From simple wellness programs to fully customizable health, wellness and wellbeing programs. Our flexible retreats, protocols and solutions are designed to meet you where you are on your health, wellness and well-being journey. Working closely with a dedicated account manager, we create a plan to ensure we meet your individual goals – because everyone is different. And with over 29 years of industry experience, you’ll benefit from a deep understanding of engagement, health, wellness and well-being.

Our Philosophy

From simple wellness programs to fully customizable health, wellness and wellbeing programs. Our flexible retreats, protocols and solutions are designed to meet you where you are on your health, wellness and well-being journey. Working closely with a dedicated account manager, we create a plan to ensure we meet your individual goals – because everyone is different. And with over 29 years of industry experience, you’ll benefit from a deep understanding of engagement, health, wellness and well-being.

Meet the Team

Our team of Wellness & Wellbeing Practitioners consists of Massage Therapists, Beauty Therapists, Nutritional Therapists, Orthomolecular Nutritionists, Gerontologists, Wellness & Wellbeing Navigators, Lifestyle Strategists and Naturopathic Partners, as well as Fitness Trainers and Companions who offer different types of services to support you , educate and help you to be as healthy as possible.

Susan Uffenbrink

Susan practices life sciences – integrative wellness, well-being and holistic optimal health; with the focus on “activating the self-healing powers”. The focus of her work is on the multidimensional nature of humans and on strengthening the human organism so that the self-healing powers can work optimally. As a gerontologist, she develops and creates strategies and solutions to maintain health and prevent age-related health problems and address the causes of chronic health problems by influencing the aging process and cellular rejuvenation. Susan helps people achieve optimal health and a better quality of life and build harmonious relationships.

Gerontologist-integrative wellness expert and healing companion. Discover the power of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology with Susan. Using her innate sensitivity, highly developed abilities of precognition, retrocognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy and spiritual awareness, she delves deeply into the intertwining of genetics, emotions, environment and lifestyle and unravels the complexities of chronic health problems. Susan’s journey began over 47 years ago under the guidance of her father, a naturopath and tribal chief who instilled in her a passion for holistic wellness. For more than three decades, Susan has helped people achieve optimal health, slow the aging process, and cultivate harmonious relationships. Experience a transformative path to lasting vitality and well-being with Susan as your companion.

Eurika Vinslovaite

My name is Eurika Vinslovaite, I am a mother of four children, a coach, and a wellness facilitator. I support people in achieving wellness and their goals while improving their health and lifestyle, all with care, compassion, and energy.

To deliver these services to the best of my ability, I leverage my personal and professional experiences, my expertise in supporting individuals on a one-on-one basis, the training and courses I have completed in the field of holistic health, wellness coaching, and energy medicine, my reading, professional supervision, and insightful exchanges with other professionals and colleagues. My work as a health and wellness coach grants me the privilege of making a sustainable impact on people’s health journey. I am here as a companion to assist those in need who have the desire to change their lives.

My journey to where I am now as a practicing health and wellness coach began many years ago when I was in my early forties, living in Vilnius and running a private business with my husband, where we installed geothermal heating systems. Before starting our own business with my husband, I attended Vilnius University and obtained a master’s degree in social geography and economics. I worked as a receptionist in a hotel, where I later became responsible for hotel occupancy and was promoted to deputy director.

Like many people, I enjoyed an active social life while working long hours to establish myself, always seeking validation and the opportunity to grow in my role.

I met Susan Uffenbrink over 10 years ago at a workshop in Lithuania. From that moment on, my long and exciting journey filled with new discoveries and challenges began, guided by my caring, responsible, and supportive mentor, Susan.

Initially, there were lectures and workshops where I received a vast amount of information, self-help practices, insights, and recipes. Much of it was unheard of, unfamiliar, and hard to grasp, but at the same time, it was also very profound and fundamental. I wanted to delve deeper, understand, and learn. So, when the opportunity arose, I became a student of Susan Uffenbrink. At the beginning of my wellness journey, I had no intention of working with other people. I simply wanted to make changes in my life because I felt stuck, restricted, and unfulfilled.

I experimented with everything I learned myself. I noticed changes in myself, and at the same time, my surroundings began to change as well. I discovered that Susan’s teachings work 100%. She gave me courage and confidence. Starting with myself, I was able to help my family and loved ones as well. The results were very gratifying, inspiring, and motivating. I felt a strong desire to share my knowledge and accumulated experiences with other people. The desire to help people change their lives grew over time and became my life’s mission. This desire doesn’t come from my mind but from the deepest core of my heart.

I realized that our bodies are perfect and intelligent, always striving for homeostasis, and symptoms manifest to draw our attention and clear the path for healing. The prevailing feeling I take from that time in my life is that it was a period of great insights into the connection between the mind and body. The insight that health is not a linear thing. Our bodies work hard for us to keep us in balance and function optimally when we work with our bodies, align with the body’s needs, and pay attention to the subtle messages it gives us.

I love learning about optimal health, nutrition, and personal development, discovering new concepts and bridging the gaps between them, exploring different ideas, having my own aha moments when suddenly gaining clarity on a previously unclear topic, or seeing things in an entirely new way! This is a great source of inspiration, energy, and joy. My endless curiosity naturally expands my knowledge and skills, helping me continuously improve the support I provide to my clients.

Martina Ashanti

My name is Martina Ashanti, a mother of an adult daughter. I am a sum of many parts, constantly seeking change and evolution.

For the past 14 years, I have been working as a nutrition and wellness consultant, helping people live a positive lifestyle. I use the BiozellularReprogramming® system to create wellness and nutrition plans for individuals who actively seek to improve their health. THIS IS A UNIQUE AND HOLISTIC APPROACH.

Through emotional healing, self-acceptance, and the connection of body and mind, I assist people in leading a more radiant life. I help them take charge of their mental and emotional health and their energy in a holistic way before it’s too late. Reconnecting with their bodies and emotions allows them to experience true joy and happiness and live a meaningful and radiant life from their hearts. I believe this complex process starts with embracing one’s uniqueness, respecting one’s body and mind, and creating a sense of balance to grow and thrive.

In my youth, I felt a strong connection to nature and spent a lot of time in it. After completing my training as a legal assistant, I began searching for the deeper meaning of life because I felt that the work I was doing didn’t fulfill me in some way. This led me to explore various activities until I settled down and worked for 10 years as a co-manager in property management at the holding company of Frankfurt Hahn Airport.

The decision to leave my well-paying job there was a difficult one because I worried about what others would think of me. However, I had to prioritize myself and my heart’s desires to lead a slower, more conscious, and meaningful life – a life on my terms. After separating from the father of my daughter, I was approaching emotional burnout. I didn’t know how to properly handle stress and had neither the time nor the energy to be creative, exercise, or take care of my health properly. One day, I said to myself, “Something isn’t right here! I need more time for myself, for things other than just work!” I realized that I had to live a different way of life. I continued my search for the depth of my life.

The crisis of my separation forced me to embark on a journey of self-discovery, emotional healing, and the connection between body and mind to release some of the heavy and traumatic experiences from the past, make peace with myself, and realize that I was more than enough just as I was. I knew I had to cope better with the crisis, even if it was painful. That’s when I met my teacher and now friend, Susan Uffenbrink. Over the last 19 years, I’ve embarked on a journey of self-realization, and the desire to share my quest for inner peace and beauty with the people around me has grown stronger every day.

I attended various workshops, retreats, and seminars that expanded my consciousness and put me on a deep healing path, healing painful emotional wounds. Something happened that helped me free myself from my issues and set me on the path to live a contented life. I discovered the key to unlocking my inner potential and living life the way I wanted.

I learned that the physical and social environment, as well as emotional wounds, can directly or indirectly affect health, influencing opportunities, decisions, and health behaviors. Maintaining healthy behaviors throughout life helps reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases, improve physical and mental performance, and delay the need for care.

I learned what it means to have courage and lead a positive lifestyle. I quit smoking, and since I lost my spleen due to negative experiences, I realized how much excessive alcohol impairs health.

I began consciously and proactively making decisions that are important for my life. I was so inspired by my teacher’s deep, fundamental knowledge that it motivated me to travel to Africa.

My journey has a lot to do with what I’ve become, including as a coach, nutrition, and wellness consultant.

I also learned that people absorb energy, not words.

I can only help people when I am connected to the flow of well-being, with the loving energy present in every “now” moment.

My journey was more like a rollercoaster through the “undesired” to understand the “desired.”

The journey was up and down, but what a spectacular view!

After continuing these teachings following my own personal transformation, I firmly believe in learning through experience. With this understanding, I acquired new tools and skills to better understand and know people. I know firsthand how the stresses and strains of everyday life can affect well-being since I put my well-being at the forefront and see and feel the benefits.

The insights I gained led me to work for two years in a rehabilitation clinic in Bad Kreuznach and later as a spa receptionist and nutrition and fasting consultant at a wellness hotel.

The deeper I delved into the BiozellularReprogramming® system during my further training, the stronger my desire became to accompany other people who are going through the same experiences as I did. People who are in a separation phase, overwhelmed by stress, unsure, and lacking in courage.

Since nutrition is an important part of wellness, health, and well-being, I use my nutrition knowledge to support people.

My passion for connecting with people and helping them made me realize that most people are looking for a guide to reach the shore. Like children who are reluctant to try new foods, even though they are curious, some of us hesitate to reach out, even though we know we need help.

Every experience is valuable. The deeper you go into the darkness, the higher you can rise.

It’s up to you to dig for gold in everything life offers you. Find the benefits in the good and the bad. Find the happiness of being yourself.

Today, I am a nutrition consultant and point of contact at the DeNoir Wellness and Well-Being Practice. I will gladly support you and answer your questions about the offerings of the DeNoir Wellness and Well-Being Practice. I am proud to be part of the DeNoir team. Through my experiences, I am now convinced that there is no problem for which a solution cannot be found if you are willing to resolve the problem.

You are already the expert on your own life and well-being… no one knows you and your needs better than you do. Let’s work together to bring you closer to your ideal well-being.

With my self-development and deep empathy, I guide my clients to improve their overall well-being, positively change their lives, heal their traumas, achieve their goals, befriend their minds, and feel more connected to themselves.

My ideal client is someone who wants to integrate a positive lifestyle and holistic well-being into their life.

Migle Pieškuvienė

My name is Migle Pieškuvienė. I am a certified BioZellularReprogramming® Health and Wellness Coach and a Chakra Health Consultant. I am a mother of two adult children, and I have obtained various coaching certifications from the Sacred-Flame Center For LifeStyle Solutions.

I assist my clients in breaking free from the feeling of disconnection and stagnation, helping them move beyond frustration and the question, “Is this really how it should be?” My goal is to help them create a life they feel connected to. As a Health and Wellness Coach, I leverage my wellness coaching skills to support individuals in developing the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence needed to actively manage their health and well-being. I encourage people to identify existing issues themselves and proactively discover, address, and prevent the underlying causes of both new and existing health problems. This approach relies on strong communication and negotiation skills, fostering personal decision-making and a positive willingness to take risks. I coach and motivate you through multiple sessions to help you identify your needs, set goals, and implement your personal health and care plan.

Twenty years ago, I obtained a master’s degree in Information and Communication Management from Vilnius University. Following that, I worked in the library of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. In 2008, I took on the role of managing a school library.

In recent years, I worked as the head librarian at the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania. However, two years ago, I came to the realization that my job did not align with my vision for life. I began to think that I needed to do something different. I have always been interested in what makes people healthy and happy. I wanted to change my life and help my children. I enjoyed dancing, engaged in aerobics, and was interested in healthy nutrition, but I realized that this wasn’t enough for my own happiness.

I attended various seminars, but something within me prevented me from focusing on my needs and pushed me to concentrate on achieving results at work. Today, I know that these were negative and limiting beliefs hidden in my subconscious mind, such as “I’m not good enough” and “I need to work harder to prove myself,” among others.

After ignoring my needs for so long, it’s no wonder I felt unfulfilled and out of balance in my profession. I embarked on a journey to learn and discover more about myself. My journey to becoming the person I am today started with the realization that I couldn’t continue down the path I was on. In a profession where the focus was solely on how much work I could deliver per hour, there was a massive void where my purpose and drive should have been. I was working to earn money and striving for an annual salary increase. My sense of happiness and mental health hit an all-time low, and I wondered how I would survive the next years until retirement.

Ten years ago, I attended a workshop in Vilnius hosted by a leading figure in the holistic health and wellness industry, and it completely flipped my perspective. I was impressed by the wealth of new information and Susan Uffenbrink’s care and compassion for everyone. Her words triggered such a reaction in me that I couldn’t ignore them. It was as if a light had been switched on within me, revealing something that had always been there.

I took a step back and realized that I had full control over my life; I had simply chosen to ignore it. For years, my ambition revolved around other people’s definitions of success to the extent that I mistook their ideas for my own. My new mindset raised a host of questions. Why should I continue down a path filled with fear? What if I did something that made me happy instead? Who says I can’t change my career? Suddenly, I was excited about the prospect of work that would allow me to help others firsthand and provide the flexibility to promote my well-being.

I began attending all of Susan Uffenbrink’s seminars and workshops. Later, I became her student. This allowed me to gain a wealth of information, various practices, care, and advice for both myself and my family. Susan teaches and guides individuals with great compassion and patience. I realized that all these practices are incredibly powerful, and the knowledge is profound and essential. This helped me gain more self-confidence.

Now, I am completely convinced that every person has great potential, is wonderful, and can be happy. This fascinating journey of my life is not over yet. There are many changes in the world, and a fast-paced lifestyle can sometimes make people stressed and unhappy. It’s crucial to keep our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirituality in balance. Only then can we succeed.

I genuinely believe that it’s impossible to have a healthy body without a healthy mind. When you’re aware that both must work together, amazing things happen! My BioCellular Reprogramming® training provided me with a profound understanding of the profound impact a holistic approach to health and well-being can bring. I quickly learned that my diet and lifestyle, combined with a changed mindset, could contribute to reducing stress and finding the much-needed balance in my own life.

Through working with the BioCellular Reprogramming® System (the elements of the physical, energetic, mental/emotional, wisdom, and spiritual layers of our bodies), I began to realize that to change a physical habit, we often need to delve deeper into the layers of our being to find the key to permanent change.

Based on this accumulated knowledge and while I continue to train, my primary focus and mission are to help others develop the strategies needed to become the best versions of themselves. I aim to create a positive change in mentality, release inner blocks, and develop healthy habits that ensure personal fulfillment and success on a personal and professional level.

Many people know that they want to look better and/or feel better, but they simply don’t know where to start. Life is hectic, and prioritizing this desire can feel challenging, even very challenging. I want to help alleviate that feeling of overwhelm! In my work, I create a safe space for others to process their emotions and discover what they need to feel balanced, healthy, and fulfilled. I assist my clients in achieving their goals by guiding them through the necessary changes to become the best version of themselves.

I am convinced that every person deserves to take care of themselves so that they feel authentic and joyful. Your energy, mood, performance, and longevity are greatly influenced by the daily habits you choose – how you move, breathe, eat, sleep, or plan your day. Many people find themselves stuck in habits and thought patterns that undermine their attempts.

Promoting a healthy culture

At DeNoir Wellness & Wellbeing Practice, we prioritize the well-being of our team, recognizing that a thriving workplace culture is key to long-term success. Through our comprehensive health and well-being programs, we invest in the sustainability of our employees. Our dedicated team offers support and assistance, understanding the profound connection between health, well-being, and business achievement.
With a holistic range of services and round-the-clock availability, including 24/7 customer support via zoom and phone, we ensure our team has the resources needed to maintain balance and thrive. Join us in fostering a healthy work environment and unlocking the full potential of your company.

If you are experiencing a challenge or are concerned, consult your healthcare professional or take advantage of our Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Program and Strategies. For more information, send us an email to: or call us at:

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